Make your Markdown.

MarkdownTableMaker for Google Sheets.

Version 66.

MarkdownTableMaker is a Google Sheets editor add-on that converts spreadsheets into pretty Markdown tables. Saves to Google Drive.

MarkdownTableMaker is a simple Markdown table generator for Google Sheets. It uses the Google Sheets user interface as a Markdown table designer.

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The latest version is Version 66.

MarkdownTableMaker is currently available in the G Suite Marketplace in all regions.


Use G Suite Marketplace to install the MarkdownTableMaker editor add-on. The following video illustrates how:

Explanation of Permissions

  • PERMISSION: See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files

    • Required to create files and folders in Google Drive

  • PERMISSION: View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in

    • Required to read the spreadsheet values and properties

  • PERMISSION: Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications

    • Required to generate the Markdown export sidebar


The following is a list of MarkdownTableMaker features:

  • (EXPERIMENTAL 🔬) Expands a YouTube watch <<URL>> into a YouTube video thumbnail image with a link to the watch page.

  • (EXPERIMENTAL 🔬) Converts =IMAGE() to Markdown syntax with alt text and title text using the spreadsheet notes feature.

  • (EXPERIMENTAL 🔬) Stores Markdown table documents to MarkdownTableMaker Documents folder on Google Drive.

  • (EXPERIMENTAL 🔬) Converts =HYPERLINK( ) to Markdown syntax with alt text or title text using the spreadsheet note feature.

    • Improved support for =HYPERLINK( ) function links and labels.

  • Displays properly formatted cell values.

  • Skips hidden rows and columns.

  • Supports Markdown bold font formatting.

  • Supports Markdown italic font formatting.

  • Supports Markdown strikethrough font formatting.

  • Supports Markdown column left alignment.

  • Supports Markdown column center alignment.

  • Supports Markdown column right alignment.

  • Recognizes monospace fonts as fixed-width Markdown `code syntax`text

  • Copy and paste Markdown table into StackEdit, Reddit, and many more supported Markdown editors.

MarkdownTableMaker Help

Is it possible to copy and paste my Markdown table into notes apps like Bear for macOS?

Sure. Before you copy and paste Markdown tables from MarkdownTableMaker into the Bear app, you must UNCHECK the option within the Edit menu: Edit > Substitutions > Smart Dashes.

Also, you need to enable Preferences > General > Markdown compatibility mode.

You must use the Marked 2 app to preview the Markdown table in the Bear app. You do this from the Note menu: Note > Preview in Marked.

Can I use MarkdownTableMaker on Reddit?

Sure, but don't get nuts.

Is it possible to copy and paste my Markdown table into journaling apps like Day One for macOS?

Yes, but multiline text formatting may not work properly.

Which Markdown editors are supported by MarkdownTableMaker?

Glad you asked! Many Markdown editors and software objects are supported by MarkdownTableMaker.

The following is a partial list:

  • GitHub

  • GitLab

  • Atom (by GitHub)

  • Google Colaboratory

  • Jupyter Notebook (w00t!)

  • Drafts

  • StackEdit

  • Bear (via Marked 2)

  • Day One

  • Typora

  • Reddit

  • WordPress

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Minimalist Markdown Editor

  • Mado

  • Dilinger

  • Markdown Plus

  • StackOverflow

NOTE: Subject to change without prior notice.

Does MarkdownTableMaker work in Google Sheets on iPadOS?


In general, Google Sheets add-ons and all their features are available in Safari for iPadOS. However, the Google Sheets (native) offline app for iPadOS must be first uninstalled.

When the Google Sheets app is installed, it handles all the Google Sheets spreadsheet documents automatically. To prevent this default handler behavior, the app must be uninstalled.

Removal of the Google Sheets offline app allows Google Drive spreadsheet documents to be opened within the full-featured version of Google Sheets, using the Safari web browser for iPadOS.

All MarkdownTableMaker features work in Safari for iPadOS.

Does MarkdownTableMaker support images?

Yes. You must use the =IMAGE( URL ) function to call an image by using a valid URL. This image URL will be converted into corresponding Markdown syntax. Also, you can add a “note” to the spreadsheet cell, which will be converted to alt text or title text.

How do I add a YouTube video to my GitHub Markdown page?

GitHub Markdown allows you to add a thumbnail, but not an embedded video player.

This means you cannot embed a video player into a GitHub Markdown page, but you can create a YouTube video thumbnail with a link.

Luckily, MarkdownTableMaker handles the generation of YouTube video thumbnails automatically. Simply, enter the YouTube watch URL into the spreadsheet cell using the <<URL>> syntax.

For example, instead of using this watch URL with the video ID:

… use the <<URL>> syntax:


The YouTube video thumbnail will be generated during Markdown table conversion.

Video Demonstration

The following is a side-by-side video demonstration with the same URL that is converted in two different ways due to different notations.

One is the normal URL that will be treated as an ordinary link.

The other double-bracketed <<URL>> with the "angle bracket template" notation will be converted to a YouTube video thumbnail in Markdown.

Does MarkdownTableMaker skip the rows hidden by filter conditions?

Yes. MarkdownTableMaker skips rows and columns hidden by users or filters. The following is a demonstration of this useful feature:

Additional Notes

Markdown syntax is based on the specification written by John Gruber and collaborators.

GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) is the extension of Markdown that includes Markdown tables.

Google Sheets, Google Chrome Web Store, and G Suite Marketplace belong to Google. GitHub, Atom, and Visual Studio Code belong to Microsoft. All other products and trade names belong to their respective owners.

Live long and prosper.